Bed bugs are some of the most annoying and irritating creatures on the planet. Even though they are not poisonous or create much of harm, their bites result in red itchy spots. These bed bugs are mostly found in furniture and in between the cushions and mattresses.

Here are some of the ways to get rid of bed bugs

Reduce clutter

One of the major reasons why bed bugs are staying in your house as an unpaid guest is because of the accumulation of items. There are a lot of items in the house that we do not use regularly. These items can be packed with plastic covers and can be used when it is required. It is better to remove stuffed animals and toys because they are places where bed bugs can easily dwell. Also, remember to dust them properly before placing them somewhere else. If not you are just transferring these bed bugs from one place to another.

Garments and linen laundering

We cannot use insecticide on our clothes or bed sheets. There is no other choice but to launder them with hot water. Make sure that the water is at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are finding it very difficult to wash, heating the beds and garments for a long time might also help. But it is not as effective as hot water laundering.

Dismantle the Bed Frames


Dismantling the bed frames gives us a clear picture by perfectly exposing the bed bugs in complicated areas. Now, these areas can be easily accessed and hence can be cleaned properly. You can also use some insecticide to make them come out from the places they are hiding. If the mattress and box springs are affected by bed bugs, then you can consider using enchantments. Covering with enchantments will completely prevent the entry of bed bugs. This totally eliminates the mattress being affected by bed bugs, and hence there is no requirement any kind of bed bug treatment in the future.

Remove the dresser drawers

One of the areas where the bed bugs can hide easily is the dresser drawers. When you remove the drawers you can easily spot them dwelling in the corners. Make sure to inspect every spot and clean them. If necessary, you can use some sprays to make sure that the bed bugs are eliminated completely.

Clean the area

It is important to clean the areas infected by bed bugs completely. When we mean cleaning it does not refer to just removing the bed bugs. It is mandatory to use hard and stiff brushes to remove the eggs on the surface. We all know the eggs cannot be removed that easily. It is stuck so hard to the surface that it requires some extra effort to remove them completely.

In areas where you find it difficult to access, use the vacuum cleaner attachments to remove them. Make sure to use high power vacuums to remove the bed bugs, because they have a tight grip on surfaces and hence will not let go that easily.

Your cleaning process does not end there. Remember that you have just removed the bed bugs. Take the cleaner outside and clean the filter properly. If not there are good possibilities that they might penetrate inside your house again.